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- Total Dimensions : 70'w x 118'd x 25'h to the grid

- Shootable Dimensions : 86'w with side walls of 48' and 67'

Plus a 20' Return Kicker

- Multi-Wall CYC


- 4 Bridge Cranes

- 4 High-Capacity Chain Motors (1 ton each)

Schedule 40 pipe grid



- Any combination of flying flats and lightbox

- Hoisted rigging

- Additional lighting effects


- White CYC

- Downshot platform at 22'h

- AD HOC 18% Neutral Gray Wall

- Regulated power up to 1600 amps

- Drive - In stage access (From studio's private lot)

- KIRBY CAN PRODUCTION SUITE : Wardrobe and Makeup room, Large enclosed office, Dining area, Conference room and client lounge with full kitchen

- Hi-speed wifi internet access

- All-day private or unrestricted street parking

- Optional automotive transport / car prep services (LAP Transport / LA Prep)

Photographers and Directors appreciate the versatility of the stage and what it can accommodate; its features the options to combine flying flats and light boxes, hoisted rigging, additional lighting effects, or even a downshot platform for high angle shots.


All of our productions receive individual attention from our dedicated staff, including an on-site stage manager who promptly attends to all the varied production needs. The large, driveable load-in door is conveniently adjacent to the private parking lot. All in all, this stage delivers an impressive environment with a creative, efficient and team-oriented production space.

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